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Additive Manufacturing in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a disruptive technology promising to alter the global supply chain. Further research and development into this technology is of great interest to many industries. The benefits of AM are many; however, in short, much of the benefits revolve around the concept that this technology can be decentralized and is able to produce parts on demand, either reducing or eliminating a great number of logistical issues. Another notable benefit of additive manufacturing is its capability to produce customized, geometrically complex parts which are otherwise difficult or costly to produce via traditional methods.  

The need for AM, especially in producing goods for healthcare and pharmaceuticals is becoming increasingly apparent, emphasized further by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a shift now towards digital manufacturing and there is another concept being advocated in the pharmaceutical sector – digital pharmacies. In addition to this, there is also emphasize to enhance personal health care through personalized medicine. All of these advancements can be supported with additive manufacturing.

The applications associated with AM are vast; however, its usage in the field of healthcare goods and pharmaceuticals for customized solutions is still at a stage of infancy. There have been works published in the usage of AM in these sectors, but the published works are not well consolidated. This Topical Collection seeks to provide a venue for ongoing research in the application of AM for the health and pharmaceutical industries. Manuscripts presenting high quality original research and review articles in all areas of AM research are welcomed for this topical collection.

Topics of interest (not limited to):

  • Powder material development and related practices
  • AM system development and enhancements 
  • Customization models for patient specific designs
  • Digital manufacturing and digital pharmacies 
  • Implant designs 

Lead Guest Editor
Faris Tarlochan, Qatar University

Guest Editors
Dimitrios Lamprou, Queens University Belfast
Eneko Larrañeta, Queens University Belfast

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